Fast Past: Musings

Elsie Karlak

I’ve been working on the writing section of my map and it’s been really cathartic to think about all the memories I’ve made across San Francisco, traveling by MUNI. For my writing, I’ve been drawing on my own personal experiences from the different  lines. Here’s the finished first draft, edited by Jon (thanks Jon), and overall I’m really happy with it . So… drumroll please… here’s a sneak peek of my writing:


  • Full of middle schoolers. Avoid this train after school at all costs, unless you enjoy cacophonous and discordant train rides with snotty 8th graders taking Snapchats. 

THE 24

  • One of my favorite lines because it’s just so San Francisco, with hills that push you out of your seat and into someone else’s lap (but maybe that’s not such a bad thing, considering, you really really really like this person sitting next to you and in just three-two-one stops, you won’t be separated by the suggestions of bus seats anymore)

THE 19

  • One of my favorite little treasures along this route is:
    • Out of the Closet (Polk & California): the best thrift store in SF, in my humble opinion. They have great deals and I always find great stuff! As an added plus, all profits go to the AIDS healthcare foundation!