Very Real: Maybe a City of Frogs?

Very Real: Maybe a City of Frogs?

Have you ever wanted to leave this world and go somewhere entirely different? Well, you can’t. BUT I CAN. Here at Very Real, I will be talking about my very real experiences with VR (virtual reality).

At the very beginning of my virtual reality journey, I had no clue what I was doing. Going into the VR headset is like going into an alternate reality tangent to our own. You lose all sense of time and your surroundings become only what you can see on the digital screen. I am only just starting to get used to the different brushes and tools that Tilt Brush by Google provides. 

For my first explorations into this new medium, I have a few ideas lined up:

Frog CityFood in the Air

Maybe I could make a special vacation home for just me…

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