real cute: intro


Hi, my name is Joyce, and I’m going to be a Sophomore at Lincoln High School. I’ve been going to art class for almost seven years now, but I’ve never really found an interest in drawing realistic things like doing self-portraits or sketching other people. People say I haven’t really matured or improved my art skills because I still like to draw “kawaii” things (which, according to some people, is little kid stuff. Also, the word “kawaii” means cute in Japanese). According to me, however, art is about being creative and enjoying yourself, and for me, the only possible way for me to enjoy drawing is to draw what I want in my art style, without being forced to draw things I don’t want to draw in a different art style. I love art and cute things, and every artist has their own drawing style. So, my style of art reimagines realistic things, by turning them cute and cartoon-inspired.

My column, real cute, is going to be about drawings of some of my favorite things drawn in my art style, featuring:

~ sip & grub

~ love for Disney

~ all things kawaii

Obviously, I chose to draw some of my favorite things, because who wants to draw things they DON’T like? How can you possibly have fun when you’re being forced to do something you don’t love?

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my column and it’s fun to look at and hopefully, aesthetically pleasing.

P.S. Thanks to my friend Sandra who’s a fellow Waver for helping me with the title of my column. real cute stands for going from a realistic thing to a cute version. And my column is going to be, well, real cute !