Hay Fever: Sponge

I am back from a not-so-short hiatus. A lot has happened within the last month, hence my lack of posts. Over spring break, Chloe was admitted to the hospital for a serious leg injury. No stress though – she’s on crutches, all stitched up, and ready to get back up and into the world. Because she was in the hospital for so long, we were unable to follow through with our plan to record another song together. We couldn’t come into SMW as a pair, but I was still coming on my own. With only a couple of months left, I wanted to be productive.

Last summer, I was on the Leadership Design Team at the Academy of Sciences. One day, we were required to attend a small conference in which some of the museum’s adult specialists gathered to discuss coral. Different species and fossils were arranged on tables along the edges of the room. We were passing around a case containing a Venus’ Flower Basket, a sponge that looked like a cornucopia with holes in it. While it made its way from table to table, a scientist at the podium spoke about it; two shrimp larvae float in through the holes, grow too big to exit, and spend their lives together inside, just the two of them. 

This touched me in a bittersweet way, prompting me to write it down in my notes and bring it up to Chloe. Shortly after, I sent her a little demo called “venus flower basket” with a guitar part and pieces of lyrics. She returned it with a full set of a lyrics and a completed melody. We never expected anything to come out of it – a lot of the time we abandon ideas and focus on new ones. But this idea has always been special to me, and after everything that has happened, I decided to bring it into fruition. I couldn’t make our music here without her. That’s why I made this song for her.

Coming soon.