The Sunset Lifeline: Runner’s Low [Cross Country]

Lemar Deguzman

Cross Country: the sport at Westmoor High School that nobody likes but everybody does. I have always wanted to join Cross Country, but have never gotten around to it until my junior year. Let me tell you about the pains I experienced running 3-6 miles nearly every day only to become one of the slowest runners on the team. Despite this, I improved throughout the season and was determined to continue my upward trend into senior year. But that didn’t happen.

As I tried juggling multiple activities during my senior year, I showed up to Cross Country practices less, and as a result, I have become even slower than I was in Junior year. I always finished last for Westmoor, but I was honestly just proud to complete the season overall. What has softened the blow, it that I was the designated Senior in charge of creating the recollection video for our team. Due to my editing skills, I was able to make sure that I came in first place every time, but this secret will remain between you and I, my loyal readers who have made it to the end of this word marathon: enjoy!