Alfreddo’s Anime Corner: Tanaka-Kun is Always Listless!

Hey! Welcome to Alfreddo’s Anime Corner. I am your host, Alfreddo, and today I will be reviewing an anime called Tanaka- kun is Always Listless.

This anime’s main protagonist is Tanaka, whose age is 15-16, tends to relax and does not want to move around. The main protagonist’s friend is Ohta a strong and responsible friend who tends to Tanaka’s need for example carrying him and he indeed cares for him.

Characters: 9/10

Character selection

 Tanaka – Listless protagonist who wants peace and does not want to do anything but sleep.

 Oota – (Tanaka’s friend) Reliable friend, very strong, and caring.

 Miyano – Short and cute, who admires Tanaka kun’s listless ways

 Shiraishi – Smart and a nice girl who everyone in the school likes, and also a class representative for Tanaka’s class.

 Echizen – Miyano’s friend and Oota’s childhood friend who has an attitude of a tomboy.

Music: Rating 10/10
Opening (Utatane Sunshine-Unlimited tone) Ending (BON-BON by CooRie). The music for this anime is amazing. We have here the opening, and it gives a relaxing vibe and very relatable to Tanaka kuns nature plus gives you the feeling that makes you feel listless. Next we have the ending for Tanaka kun has a up funk of j-pop music. Gives you the feeling that one of the character is singing the song.

Story: 5/10
In my opinion, the story wise gets a 5/10 due to the fact that at the end of the episode, they give you the title for the anime, they give away the next episode, and you can predict what’s going to happen in the anime. Even though they did, I still had a blast watching each episode and cherishing it in my heart and always waiting for the next episode to come.

Caption: Tanaka ready to leave the school with his best friend Oota.
Tanaka ready to leave the school with his best friend Oota.

Animation: 10/10
The animation for this anime is flawless vibrant colors, so I’m guessing a high-budget anime. To be honest, I never heard of Silverlink until now. Ever since watching this anime, it sparks my interest in this company now. Good work, SilverLink I give you props 🙂 .

The Best Thing About Tanaka- kun Is Always Listless:
The best thing about this anime, I would say, is the character design to this anime because I’ve never seen this kind of art style in my life and it’s pretty unique to this anime company.

The Worst Thing About Tanaka- kun Is Always Listless:
The bad thing about this anime is the predictability, because the character is listless, so we can predict with the title of the next episode what is he doing and how he does not want to do anything.

Alfredo’s Final Rating: 10/10
Overall, I recommend this anime if you love slice of life and comedy anime. This anime is not your regular slice of life comedy because of the main protagonist. Another anime I would recommend if you like this anime is School Rumble.