BLOODSDREAM: A Gathering of Muses

Hello, it’s Helen back at it again with the… comic… progress. No? Not funny? Okay. Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been drawing a lot. Whenever I’m not adding to the plot or thinking of funny scenes for the beloved characters if BLOODSDREAM, you can find me on the Medibang app, furiously zooming in and out on the tiny phone screen as I try to get just the right curve with the pen tool. My favorite art-related compliment was, and continues to be, “You have really nice lines!” It has been a struggle, although very rewarding.

This sphere is a physical (digital?) representation of what I’ve been doing. Pretty, but I can’t tell if I’m copying or learning. Hopefully both, though.

My Instagram account helped keep me accountable to my goal of practicing daily, although I do regret not doing more gesture drawings and less coloring, the latter of which is more time consuming. Actually, now that I think about it, I’m really glad I colored so much the past few weeks. I’ve learned a bunch of tricks on the Medibang Paint Pro app, and I can color and draw much faster than I’ve used to, with my new knowledge of layering techniques and brushes.

My new art account!

My favorite “trick,” which I didn’t discover until two days ago (why Helen, why??) is the correction tool on the bottom left, which enables you to have different-sized brush and eraser, and be able to switch between them with a single tap. Before I found this tool, if I wanted to erase, I would switch the color to transparent and drag the brush size to my preference. This worked too, but it was pretty slow if my brush was small, and I’d need to remember my previous brush size so I could stay consistent with the lineart.

I’m talking about “the past few weeks” like I’m doing something different now. “What exactly are you doing,” you ask. Well, my friend, I am proud to announce that I have finished the lineart to the first chapter of BLOODSDREAM. It’s going to be a thing, yall. I hope you’re as hyped as I am, because I’m pretty hyped!

Signing off, Helen So Ready for the next post