The Sunset Lifeline: Trailer for Aladdin [with Complications!]

I have the tendency of putting myself on a lifeline. However, I never would’ve imagined that it would come to these extremes. This is due to my recent indulgences in the school’s spring production Aladdin. Aside from an advisor giving their suggestions, everything is student driven.  Each student has a role directing, choreographing, and vocal coaching The result is a unique take on broadway musicals then what a teacher would orchestrate. A month ago, I offered to create a trailer to advertise the musical to our student-director. Ecstatic, she quickly agreed, but in order for the trailer to be shot, costumes had to be completed. The costumes were finished a week before the show and I was set to film in the theatre that day. However, the cast was kicked out of the theater by our drama advisor in order for him to finish constructing the set. We were stuck rehearsing in the bandroom that week, which made filming very monotonous and there I say it, really bad. The band room had a primarily white color scheme with all the instruments and chairs laying around. I needed to come up with something new quickly, so putting together my wits, this is what I came up with:
Despite all the complications that occurred, I believe that this video of the cast turned out really well. Although the idea of filming someone in front of a white wall and adding a watermark behind it may seem simplistic. I believe  the simplicity is what created for a well-executed video. I was asked to not only create a trailer out of my clips, but to make a longer video of these clips to play during intermission. Westmoor Drama Department’s production of Aladdin has consumed my time these past four months, but has resulted in creating this video that has allowed me to attempt new techniques. I only await where my craziness in accepting responsibilities takes me next.