Sakura Murase: Right Now

Do you ever feel that time moves too quickly and you can’t appreciate the present as much as you want to? Solution: live in the moment! If you’re a teen like me, I hope my take on “Right Now” reminds you to enjoy your life, despite whatever craziness might be happening because you’re only a teenager once. “Right Now” by Sabrina Carpenter has been the perfect reminder for me so I am hoping that it works for all of you as well. Everyone has a busy life, and in my case, that includes school, volleyball, and music. A packed schedule can stress you out, right? When I get stressed out and can’t fully focus on the moment I’m in, I usually regret it later on because I want to have some good memories to look back on when I’m older. 

“The present is our future past, we’ve gotta make this moment last right now.” – Sabrina Carpenter


A huge round of applause goes to Sophia Shen, a former Waver and the most talented singer/songwriter I personally know, for keeping me motivated throughout the entire recording process. They helped with the production by recording, re-tracking, and mixing, among many other things. Thank you also to Jon, Rachelle, Caley, and the Wavers, who gave me valuable advice on my project. Last but not least, thank you to you for listening to my cover!