Beauty Or Nah: Welcome Beauty Lovers!


Hello reader! My name is Yasmine, and I’m going to be running this column, “Beauty or Nah.” Obviously you’re reading my blog because you need help deciding which clothing or makeup store to go to, what the best types of beauty products are, and what is really worth your money. Many beauty and fashion brands tend to promote false advertising in their commercials, and say many positive things about their products just so they can make more money.

If you’re looking for some raw opinion or you’re just curious, then my column is here to save the day! You can expect pictures of makeup swatches on my hand,makeup product dupes and tips on application,product comparisons of high to low priced name brands, and critiques of fashion stores and the quality of clothes they sell.

Just to let you know a little about me, I have an extremely big collection of makeup. I’m always shopping around and trying new things. I spend most of my free time watching beauty gurus on Youtube review beauty products and clothes. Watching these videos was my main inspiration to write a column that puts my ideas and opinions on makeup and clothes out in the world for people like you who are willing to read about it. I’m really excited to be running this column and I hope you fellow fashion and makeup lovers do too. Stay tuned for the next post!

Words by Yasmine Missaoui.