Come with Chloe…: The Wave Organ

Hellos my sweet potatoes!

You may know me as the Dessert Pervert or you may not know me at all, but I’m Chloe and this cycle I want to take you on a trip around San Francisco to check places off my bucket list before I move away for college! I’ve accumulated a list of places that I’ve always wanted to go to and I hope to proudly say I’ve completed this list by the end of the summer.

A little backstory on myself, I am currently 17-years old and I was born and raised in San Francisco on a gloomy afternoon in 1998. I lived in a sheltered household because my parents were afraid of the dangers of *dramatic pause* PUBLIC BUSES AND CROWDS. As a child, I was constantly afraid of going on a bus alone because of the fear of muggers and kidnappers my parents placed in my head. But, of course, I had to grow up and that meant taking buses to go out or get to school. And guess what? MUNI sucks! But really, it wasn’t as scary or dangerous as my parents made it seem. Of course there have been some sketchy times on the bus, but I’m still alive (more or less), so I consider that a success! Anyway, back to this column. Because of the fear of public transportation my parent’s instilled in me, I missed out on so many years of exploring San Francisco just. Now, I have a lot to make up for and I am determined to see all there is to see in my beautiful hometown.

So, first off my bucket list is the Wave Organ. This place is right off the edge of the San Francisco Yacht Club and was quite a trek, but the view was absolutely amazing. Like holy $&)! amazing. It was windy af, but that’s really just always SF, so it’s nothing to complain about. I may or may not have gotten lost on the way there like five times, BUT I MADE IT THERE AND I GOT SOME AMAZING PICTURES.

The path to The Wave Organ is travelled by many…
Found a new pipe pal!
Quite a view, ain’t it friends?

I also got the chance to record a couple of clips while I was there, which you can check out below! The Wave Organ is consisted of pipes that follow into the water so when the waves hit the pipes, you can hear the water inside. The sound is so soothing. I wish I could’ve gone on a less windy day, but that would be a rare occasion in SF (though, I was lucky enough to go on a day where there was visible sun)! If I were to go again, I would want to spend more time listening and sitting. When I finally made it there I was tired and hungry, so I wasn’t the most patient. But I definitely want to go back and see it again. It was absolutely worth the trip and the walk around the docks was nice, and I saw lots of dogs which was a bonus. It was actually my first time in the Marina District, and that area is definitely different compared to the Sunset District or the Richmond District (where most of my travels commonly take me), but it still felt like San Francisco. The beauty of SF, right?

See you on my next adventure!