Meme Team: Dinella

Get ready for some major psychology, because this week I am going to introduce my character within a character! Dinella is one of my D&D characters, who is a Changeling Witch. Dinella is the main alter-identity of another character of mine named Zinerva, who will be introduced in the next post. Dinella was made to protect Zinerva’s true identity from the world due to her fear of being hated and cast away for her true form.

Dinella is sassy, sarcastic, indifferent, and impatient. She avoids getting into other people’s business and doesn’t like being told what to do. She will play tricks on others and doesn’t have a problem with speaking her mind. It isn’t easy to become friends with her, due to her wariness of others, but once you break through those walls, she’ll be the most loyal friend you’ve ever had and will do everything in her power to make sure you’re safe.