The Opal Projects: Project Intro

Welcome to The Opal Projects! Have you ever wondered why so many people don’t know what they love or even like doing? I do. When I was in my sophomore year, I couldn’t answer the question of “What do I like doing?” I’m not sure I can say that now and that’s where Opal comes in. During my junior year, I created a persona, a kind of future self-named Opal. Whenever I wanted to feel cool I channeled her and most importantly when I doubted I could ever be more than a student, she was there for me.

That’s why I created the Opal Projects because I am Opal. She is funny, spunky and so many other things I need to explore. Now that I am 17 (today is my birthday: shout-out to the Libras), I’m going to focus on five emotions that contribute to my personality. The five emotions are vulnerability, commitment, drive, inquisition, and confidence. I am going to explore my vulnerability by making a song, commitment by writing a short story, drive by making a painting, inquisition through an informational fun video, and confidence by creating an outfit of the day fashion tutorial. So come with me and discover Opal, my friend, and the future self who is joining me on this journey through my identity crisis!