Pasted Mind: Origin Story

Pasted Mind: Origin Story

For my second collage, I decided to focus on my family and roots – Russia. For me, being Russian meant going to church and practicing Orthodoxy, so I tried to make that the main theme of this collage. I also drew myself as different matryoshka dolls, because of the memories I have of playing with them as a kid. I also added Pierrot, a character from the Russian version of Pinocchio, that I think fits my current aesthetic well.

For the base layer, I cut out a strip or white, a strip of blue, and a strip of red from old copies of LIFE Magazine, which I used in my previous collage as well, to create the Russian flag, so that no matter what I put on the collage, the base layer and main theme will be Russia. Just like no matter what makeup I do or outfit I wear, I’ll be from Russian origin.


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