Postcards from the Bay: Fog Fest 2015

As much as I’d like to deny it, Pacifica is a city that’s rooted deep within me and will always be a part of me. After all, I’ve been going to school here for the past four years. This year, which could potentially be my last year in the Bay Area before I get shipped off to college, I decided to embrace my inner Pacifican and attend its annual Fog Fest. And no, Fog Fest is not a celebration of the fog that hugs the city year round (though that would be pretty cool). Fog Fest, rather, is a street fair type of event that promotes Pacifica and its local vendors and community as a whole.

Refreshing Drinks

I met up with one of my closest pals, fellow waver, and hand model in training, Yasmine, at one of our favorite milk tea joints, Tea World. I ordered an horchata milk tea, one of the newer flavors, while she ordered a classic strongly-spiced Thai milk tea. From there, we made our way to the actual event.

Fog Fest

Surprisingly, the day wasn’t foggy at all. The organizers of Fog Fest purposely planned the event to be held during the last weekend of September, which is known to be one of the sunniest in Pacifica. On display were lots of small shops from local vendors selling a variety of things—jewelry, plants, toys, etc.

The Food at Fog Fest

One of our main objectives of the day for fog fest was to try as many different types of cuisine that $30 could afford. Honestly, there were a lot of amazing options of food to choose from: Lumpias, burritos, skewers of teriyaki chicken and beef, oysters, turkey legs, pupusas, and—of course—many different types of coastal favorites and classic carnival food. I decided to try pupusas and jambalaya, notably two of my childhood faves.


Sadly, I didn’t get to snap a picture of the pupusa I bought, but up above is a picture of my jambalaya. While this dish was void of the sauce I enjoyed so fondly in the past, I appreciated the spices used to give it its signature flavor.  

The Beach

To counteract the heat of the spices and weather, we headed over to Sharp Park Beach to finish our meal. The sea breeze never fails to make me feel refreshed, and is one of my favorite post-study/relaxation spots during the school year.  

Fog Fest Posters

Many of the paintings there were the ones of California’s amazing coastal scenery, but my favorite pictures were obviously the ones of Pink Floyd & religious coexistence. Out of all of the art stands at the faire, this one definitely takes the cake for me.

The Sunset

Overall, the experience was great. I didn’t even mind seeing my classmates on a weekend because I was too busy having fun. The weather was beautiful, the food was on-point, the music was loud, and the artwork was brilliant. Thanks Pacifica!!