Tan Ieng Huang – Project 0

These four characters are based on a classic RPG (Role-Playing Game) four-player adventure team setting (warrior, healer, rogue, mage). It was inspired by the world view of DNF (Dungeon & Fighter). The background of the characters is set in a fantasy world based on swords and magic, where there are monsters mutated by the contamination of the leylines, and intensification of the elements. They will fight side by side on an adventure for their respective goals.

Before darkness of night dyes the light, a fantasy world is woven from dreams like yarns. A magician worried about graduation, a swordsman searching for a lost treasure, a healer raising money for her dream, and a cat assassin who wants to requite all go on an adventure at the moment when the thread of destiny is drawn. What treasure is dug up in the forest clearing by the campfire when the moon shines against the mountains?