A Sip in the Right Direction: A Blog for Soon to be Addicts

Hey Soon-to-Be Addicts!

You know those people with the “bright and early” morning routine? The ones who wake up with a smile and then proceed to shower, get dressed, make themselves a green juice or grab a yogurt and head off for the day? Yeah, I am NOT one of those people. That’s where this wonderful bean, habit, religion or whatever you want to call it comes in: coffee! Now, it might seem strange that someone has such a passion for coffee that they could equate it with religion, and it probably seems sadder that someone as young as me has developed that passion and reliance, but I can assure you that you are wrong. Along with the mere drinking of coffee (taste tests, the old iced vs. regular latte debate), comes the rich history of cultivation, production and culture. The story of the coffee bean is one that must be told and A Sip in the Right Direction is where that will happen!