City Beats: Lonely

Disclaimer: This is not a sad post.

This week I decided to get some inspiration from a not-so-well-known song, ‘Lonely” by Nav. Having listened to this artist before, I had no doubt that I would at least like this song; and I wasn’t wrong! Though the lyrics are tough to listen to, it has a soothing beat to jam to while doing homework, driving, or even while drawing!


In paying attention to the lyrics, I was able to interpret the obvious and the not-so-obvious; loneliness, depression, relationships, and drug abuse in the relationship between Nav and his girl. I included some detail shots of the piece to hopefully bring a better understanding of the song from my point of view. From the pills mentioned in the song to the hand of an overdosed/suicide victim, the song is in direct dialogue with the opioid crisis, the isolation of modern life, and the war on drugs.