Chloe Smiles: Making an Appearance

Hi everyone, Chloe is back for a third consecutive cycle here at The Wave… I’m baby. The plan for this cycle is to continue my streak of songwriting and recording, so expect a new song by the end of summer! This cycle might be a little tough for me, considering I don’t have anything written yet, and considering I need to start recording right away. I’m a little pressed for time. It’ll also be interesting because, for the first time since starting at The Wave, I’ll be recording a song I’ve written solo. In the past, I’ve published the songs on SoundCloud under the name “PUTT-PUTT”, as the songs were written by both me and a friend of mine named Caitie McCoy. My column name doesn’t have any meaning behind it, it’s just a reference to a song I like called Sarah Smiles by Panic! at the Disco. See you in the next post!