Art of the Arts: Intro

Welcome to my column! From distorted princesses to scribbled monsters, I’ve drawn it all. I’ve always had a passion for visual art. However, as I got older, it left me with little to no time to just sit and draw. I’d say the majority of the times that I decided to try drawing something new and outside my comfort zone was for a school project, and not for myself. That also goes for the different types of mediums I explored, such as watercolor, acrylics, pastels, Etc.

Since it’s summer, I wanted to take this opportunity to just put aside some time to just experiment more on my pieces, including using different mediums. I was never too fond of art classes because I wasn’t big on the idea of always having to illustrate at a set time of the week and follow their specific criteria. But I’ve been managing on my own, which means you can as well, and from the comforts of your home. Exciting, right?

No one is born fully able to draw or paint – it’s something you learn and work on improving yourself. So it’s okay if you’re inexperienced. Hopefully, I can inspire YOU to just grab a brush and some paints, or even something as simple as a pencil, and just go for it. With time, there will be growth within your art, just like the meaning behind this sketch. Everyone starts somewhere, and what’s the worst that can happen? You can only improve! 

In my art, you’ll be seeing a variety of different mediums used, but it will be situated in a sort of building-on of the mediums previously used. It’s a bit confusing, but after a couple of posts, you’ll start to see what I’m doing. It’ll start with something simple, like this pencil sketch. My next Post will also be using a new medium and the pencil previously used. I’ve incorporated little clues on this page for you to try to guess what medium I’ll be using next, like a mini guessing game (HINT: Use only the first letter of the bold & Unscramble the words).

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy my column as much as I enjoy creating it! : )