City Beats: Love Galore

Should’ve never gave you my number, I did it with you

I should have posted this last Friday! Love Galore by SZA (featuring Travis Scott) has been blasting through my earphones and has got to be, by far, one of the most played songs on my Spotify account right now. Released earlier this year in April, SZA’s second single off her debut album now plays in my head even during a test!

With that said, I decided to create a piece that is based on the song. I’m inspired by her lyrics in the song and through her solos, one can understand mistrust towards men and the independence that she has acquired as a result of getting hurt by men in her past. I depicted SZA alone on the canvas and have her arms wrapped around her chest to show that she now feels the need to protect her heart from getting broken by her significant other. In the song, Travis Scott takes on this role.