Clay of the dead: Babeepomumb

My Final creature has arrived! Babeepomumb (Babee for short) is part fungus, part animal. He grew on the floor of a forest, but was able to dig himself up and learn to crawl. As a plant, he doesn’t have a face, but crafted this mask from clay he found by a river instead.

Babeepomumb used to be very lonely, because he didn’t fit in with any of the forest creatures or plants, so he decided to become a traveler. Babee is really special because he is the only one who is already friends with all the previous undead monsters. He is very social and extroverted, but he is not good with commitment which he attributes to his busy itinerary as a continuous world travel. 

He is in the process of getting a passport so he can travel (legally) on a plane to Australia. Babee has always been a sucker for good food, and if you are able to offer him some, he will bless your soil with nutrients which will lend a hand with your nice, healthy garden!