A Pause for Sanity: Home

The concept of a home is interpreted in different ways by people all around the world. Many see it as the physical building where they spend their nights and others as a place in their hearts. I feel that my neighborhood encompasses both of these qualities. My house is there as well as my entire family and many of my childhood memories.

For my entire life, I’ve lived in the same neighborhood called Corona Heights. I have vivid memories of going to Buena Vista Park to pick blackberries, waking up early to get brunch at the Pork Store Cafe, and chalk drawing competitions with our neighbors. I know the streets by heart and know I can count on my neighbors as part of my extended family. Since I spent the majority of my adolescence in and around my house, it had a big impact on my upbringing.

My proximity to the Haight, Castro, and Mission exposed me to people from many different cultures and backgrounds. I met some of my best childhood friends playing on the streets, and first learned to bike in the local park. No matter where I live or go in my life, my neighborhood and current house will always have a special part of my heart. I will always feel secure and at home. I am incredibly thankful to have a place where I feel comfortable and loved, and should appreciate how my neighborhood has shaped me.