This One Time…: A Little About Me


In the past few months I’ve learned so much from this program, everyone here is super friendly and helpful and you will definitely learn and see a lot! In my last post of this cycle, I thought I should just share a little but about myself!

The reason why I’ve chosen to do simple animated videos for my column was because I wanted to combine some of my favorite things all together! I enjoy making videos, drawing, and telling stories, so why not put them all together?

I first developed my passion for creating cartoon characters in middle school. As a kid, I’d always loved art too—arts and crafts was always one of my favorite interests. I also loved photography and took pictures of beautiful things everywhere I went. Below is a picture taken with my very first camera (circa 2013)!


One day during my freshmen year, out of curiosity, I decided to learn how to draw people digitally. My first work was a cartoon interpretation of me—take a look below!


And here’s my work three years later!


This is the first year I got to work with the Adobe Photoshop and it’s been so wonderful because it cuts my work time down by more than half! There will definitely be more work coming from me even if it’s not on this site, but you can always check out my online portfolio that I created in my Academy of Information and Technology class for more new updates!

Good luck to everyone and thank you so much for reading.