Looseleaved: Reading #2 (Jennifer Z.)

The leaves have emerged with a message yet again! I apologize in advance for the quality of the photographs of the tea leaves… there was a lot of this camera’s battery is dead and this camera doesn’t have a memory card and this camera doesn’t have a lens and I can’t figure out how to put the lens on and this light sucks and how do I focus this camera et cetera, et cetera. I also failed to realize that I could have put the tea leaves under a lamp and then photograph them, but I was, as usual, an idiot.
…Find the crappy tea pictures below.

Tea leaves, tea time #2.
Tea leaves, tea time #2.

The Shapes:
Flying bird: good news, good news coming
Fish: sharing of knowledge, a teacher
Boat with Oar: worthwhile journey
Boot (read as a shoe): On the correct path, be wary of advice to change
Mouth: Communication

The Divination:
In the fog ahead of you, you may breathe easy. Good is coming. May it be in an envelope, from a voice, or even in a bit transmitted from one computer to another, it will be golden and it will be beneficial. Wear your confidence on your chest, good tea-goer, for this journey warranted from this news will reach deeply into yourself. Do not avoid it, and do not cut it out: for cutting it out would be like cutting a plant from its home in the soil. Be sure to listen well to those around you as you travel through this experience, and do your best to make sure that they listen to you, in turn. You are intelligent! You deserve to be heard. However, be sure that when you listen to the voices of the people that bump and move in the universe, they don’t stray you from your path. You have earned and worked for the direction and experience you have found, and moving your feet from their original position is a bad idea. Know thyself, and do not let others make you second-guess yourself.

Drinkers: Elise Mills, Glenn Jackson, Jennifer Zhang, and Allie DiGennaro (not pictured)

Elise Mills (Musique Nonstop), tea time #2.
Elise Mills (Musique Nonstop), tea time #2.
Glenn Jackson, tea time #2.
Glenn Jackson, tea time #2.
Jennifer Zhang (Jenn's Jams), tea time #2.
Jennifer Zhang (Jenn’s Jams), tea time #2.