Project V: Wyn and Li

Project V: Wyn and Li

Introducing the two stars of the show, Wyn and Li! When designing Wyn’s character, the first word that came to my mind was ‘pathetic.’ He is an honest good kid who has difficulty accepting himself. In one sense, he is disgusted with himself, but at the same time, he is ashamed of being disgusted at such things. In an attempt to hide this uncertainty from others and also from himself, he tends to take it out on other people. Generally, Wyn’s character was not hard to create as his thoughts and actions are largely reflective of my own nature. 

The inspiration for Li came from my frigid and dark walks to the pool in the morning hours. Li is a person who has the wisdom to quietly endure cold walks and one who appreciates the first light at dawn. He is a person who has come to terms with who he is and embraces his true nature. He is able to enjoy the small things in life and wants to share it with someone else.

In designing both characters I found it more complex to create Li. He is a very mysterious person to me, as Li possesses an almost inhuman trait of forgiving and forgetting, as if his own problems don’t bother him. If Wyn was created as a reflection of myself, then Li would be created based on who I aspire to be.

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