The Sunset Lifeline: Subsist [All is Lost]

I was very excited to film the beginning of this section, specifically the nightmare sequence that Raven experiences. It allowed me to be as creative with both the editing and camerawork while simultaneously creating some visual / symbolic meaning in the story. Raven sees a reflection of herself in the mirror smiling. [Fun fact: this is actually the twin sister of the girl playing Raven!] Seeing herself smile through the reflection with the shirt “Happy, New Attitude” makes Raven remember her past life, which is followed by a tearful goodbye to the dream’s re-creation of her sister. This dream sequence is what allows Raven to move forward with her life, because through this dream, she allows herself to release many of her pent up emotions. She puts on a scarf that her sister knit before she died, and then begins a new chapter of her life, which could be correlated to the acceptance phase of grieving.

And that concludes the monstrosity of my senior film project and the end of The Sunset Lifeline. I hope you enjoyed reading through this column as much as I have enjoyed making it! If you find yourself missing me, always remember the following guides to success:

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