The Ultimate Mover’s Guide to Multiverse Travels: Multiverse #2

Hello fellow multiverse travelers! The next multiverse I will describe to you appears to consist of regular people, however, they are all actually animal morphs of the various pets people have on our earth! If you are a beginning multiverse traveler, this is a grand location to visit! There are hardly any differences between our universe and this one, and it is very easy to adjust to life there.

Bunny People

You may have noticed that the people-pets all wear clothing with facial expressions on them. In this universe, animals within their own species can tell how others of their own kind are feeling, but it is more difficult to figure out other species’ emotions. By wearing shirts, or having some sort of sign with emotions notated on them, it makes interacting between species much easier.

Cat People
Fish Person

Bright colors are also very popular in the animal kingdom of this universe, since many of the animals are colorblind, so be sure to pack a couple of neon shirts in your suitcase! I also suggest bringing an animal costume so you don’t stand out. Although pets are often very close to humans on our Earth, these people-pets have evolved without pets or humans so they might give you some attitude.

Happy Travels!