The Sole Account: Intro


Hello! My name is Riley Kubota and I collect sneakers.

Okay, as weird as it sounds, there are large communities of people who collect sneakers. We purchase (usually popular, although there are exceptions) sneakers to either wear, resell, or simply keep brand-new, hidden from daylight in the back corner of our closets. Of course, sneakers aren’t the cheapest things to consistently purchase. However, I am able to compensate because I have taught myself to eat only two times a week (just kidding, I don’t starve myself for shoes).

My column, The Sole Account, if you couldn’t guess, is all about sneakers. I will mainly focus on my personal story behind each sneaker, explaining how I came across them or why I exactly I decided to purchase them.

Before I go, here are a few random facts about me:

1. I am a Junior attending Lowell High School in San Francisco.
2. Photography is my passion. I rarely go out without my camera, unless I’m going to school, when I tend to get quite lazy.
3. I will be starting my own clothing line very soon!
4. When others rock the “socks with sandals” look, it doesn’t really bother me. However, “denim on denim” is a pet peeve of mine.
5. Music drives me to go out and live life.

Words and Images by Riley Kubota.