The Wave: Summer College Extravaganza

School is officially out and a new super, summer cycle of Sunset Media Wave is in! To kick off this season, we asked the Wavers—some new, others experienced blogger extraordinaires—to get creative by making a collage that answered the prompt “What does summer mean to you?” There was only one catch. Everyone had to incorporate colorful pom-poms and lil’ googley eyes into their works of art. Unsurprisingly, the results were unique and funky fresh. Aside from the visuals, the group was also asked to introduce themselves by answering several questions from our original “Super Casual Survey.” So get to know our talented columnists below, and keep riding The Wave!

Andrea's Collage

Name: Andrea Hernandez
Column: Postcards from the Bay

Describe your dream house:
“I would like my house to have a very minimalistic, cozy, and rustic vibe to it. I’d definitely like to live in an in a small apartment in some urban metropolitan area, preferably right here in San Francisco or New York City. The walls would be a solid white color with a combination of exposed brick, and I’d adorn these plain walls with lots of different frames carrying pictures of artwork from René Magritte and other artists as well as antiques and oddities. I’d love to have a lot of natural light coming from huge windows that could support my collection of plants.”

Jenn's Collage

Name: Jennifer Zhang
Column: Jenn’s Jams

Sam's Collage

Name: Samuel Whitfield
Column: More Quiet Silence

Tell us about your worst travel experience:
“When I was little I had to go on a ski trip. It was located in an unknown snowy place (possibly Canada). I had to go to ski school which was bad enough, but then I got sick and spent the rest of trip throwing up and being miserable.”

Maddy's Collage

Name: Madelynne Hewett
Column: The Film Side of the Force

Campbell's Collage

Name: Campbell Gee
Column: Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul

What do you like to do when you should be doing homework?
Usually, my form of procrastination involves an unproductive trifecta of binge-watching Buzzfeed videos, eating too many Trader Joes snacks, and cleaning my room (that being the last and final resort).

Monty's Collage

Name: Monty Choy
Column: Tap Away

Describe your dream house:
“My house will have a pool, helicopter pads, an airplane runway, roller coasters, and a bat cave. It will also include satellites and a zoo.”

Yasmine's Collage

Name: Yasmine Missaoui
Column: Beauty or Nah

If you could create a class that doesn’t yet exist at your school, what would it be?
“In school, I wish there was a class dedicated to sleeping because I tend to procrastinate and stay up all night trying to finish my homework and I don’t usually get enough sleep, so having a class where I can catch up on sleep would be awesome. I am sure I would get an A in that class without even trying.”

Michael's Collage

Name: Michael Falsetto-Mapp
Column: The Wave

Mina's Collage

Name: Mina Cho
Column: Satirical Society of Scintillating Sentences

Please describe a strange relative you have:
“My aunt has multiple interests in life. All her interests are seemingly unrelated. When she was younger, she modeled. Later, she became a CGI animator. For a little while, she was a hypnotist, and then she became a massage therapist. She quit that and went to nursing school. Recently, she quit nursing school and went to a school for contractors. Now she’s doing ceramics, making a lot of bread, and screening T-shirts.”