What I Didn’t Say: What Did You Think of Me?


Hey everyone! It’s summer time, which means I’m back and ready to write and read. You would think that I’d spend most of my time doing something productive but so far sleeping in until two pm and making garlic fries at one in the morning should give you a rough idea of how productive I have actually been… But this column is my motivation. This is my baby.

(Just so you know, all the background images for my poems are either photos taken by me or my original artwork. The photos are just randomly taken or found on my phone that I would think suit the poem. The artwork is inspired by the sequence of events that led me to writing the poem. So voila! Enjoy!)


This poem I actually wrote in the spring, along with the collage used for the background image. I was inspired to write this poem about a friend of mine. It’s one of those friendships that you wouldn’t think would really work (at least that’s what my others friends say). My best friendships are ones where I feel comfortable spending one-on-one time with the person (I can’t do big crowds). One-on-one really allows me to open up, easily focus, and actually listen to them. I enjoy more intimate settings, and always, always feel that when you’re in a crowd everyone is just trying to show off (but that’s just my perspective). The funny thing about this friend is that he transferred schools and I haven’t seen him since. If he’s reading this (I hope you’re not), thank you for being someone completely different on the inside. Thank you for simply trying to be there for me. You’re a lot different than I or a lot of people would expect. You really amaze me.

Thanks for reading!

Love, Nathalie