Fashion Soup for the Sartorial Soul: Rick Owens x Michèle Lamy



While the music business was blessed with Beyonce and Jay-Z, the fashion industry was given an equally as mighty power-couple, in the form of designer Rick Owens and eccentric entrepreneur Michele Lamy. The black-clad husband and wife team are unconventional, to say the least, but together they’ve used their incomparable sartorial talents to turn Owen’s clothing label into a game-changing creative empire within the high fashion world. Though the two met in LA, their relationship –– where the lines between business and love are admittedly, closely intertwined –– blossomed in their current home of Paris. Since then, Owen and Lamy have acted as each other’s muses, producing works of art in place of offspring.


Recently, the duo’s brainchild –– Owens’ Spring/Summer 2014 show –– kept the industry abuzz with praise for months when the decision was made to use athletic female step dancers (choreographed routine and all) instead of typical size-zero models. It’s this kind of innovation –– in addition to their individual avant garde styles and visions –– that makes Lamy and Owens an unstoppable force in the many fields they’ve ventured into.


Rick Owens pret-a-porter SS/14


Rick Owens

The androgynous American designer has kept his iconic personal style consistent for years –– never straying from what has become his iconic uniform. A man after my own heart, Owens wardrobe consists of clean black garments –– a color which he considers to be noble and empowering –– and few accessories that allow getting dressed in the morning to be an easy

(yet still glamorous) task. When it comes to Owens’ creations, the clear influence his personal fashion sense has on his designs is undeniable, as both share a minimalist utilitarian aesthetic. The key to emulating Owens’ recognizable style –– besides the obvious absence of color –– lies in layering basic pieces, such as turtlenecks, muscle tees, drop crotch shorts, billowy wraps and bomber jackets to produce a grand mixing of textures and silhouettes. When the artist’s rock-n-roll appearance (dark, flowing locks and all) is taken hand-in-hand with his surprisingly laid-back and gentle demeanor, it becomes clear why Owens is the perfect foil for his business partner slash wife as they continue to conquer alternative culture.

#QoTD: “At least once a day I mumble to myself, ‘A hundred years from now no one will care, so get over yourself’.”


From Left to Right: Zara ($30), Zara ($70), H&M ($10), Forever 21 ($20), Ion ($5.50), Topman($150), ASOS ($15)


Michèle Lamy 

Michele Lamy has lived many lives during her time on this planet. From working as a lawyer, to making clothes, running successful restaurants and dabbling in music, it’s safe to say the native Parisian has tried everything at least once. Her ambitions and interests are endlessly abundant –– this same hodgepodge of artistry being evident in her outre aesthetic –– making her an underrated fashion icon for rebellious creatives and fans of anything outlandish.

Having said that, Lamy’s style isn’t for everyone. Her appearance is strikingly severe, yet meticulously cultivated. Vintage rings pile high onto Lamy’s heavily tattooed fingers, a scribbled black line runs down her forehead, dark makeup highlights the eccentric’s rugged features and –– most notably –– her smile reveals a partial gold grill (inspired by her unlikely favorite celebrity, Snoop Dogg).

Lamy’s clothing choices prove to be just as impactful, with her goth-meets-Comme Des Garcon vibe. The Parisian’s combinations of monochrome industrialistic pieces, paired with luxuriously effortless furs, leathers, and knits culminate in a perfect juxtaposition of hard and soft. Lamy’s true badassery is only fully recognizable when you consider her edgy look and strict no-nonsense approach to her work as a whole picture. And though her bold style may come off as unorthodox to some, this renaissance woman’s dedication to her various crafts and devotion to her talented spouse is undeniable –– making her a super rad female role model for those who dare to be different.

#QoTD: “I spat out all my inner fears a long time ago. One night I talked for nine hours straight until I puked and fell asleep. I woke up to a new reborn me”


From Left to Right: Front Row Shop ($41), Pixie Market ($70), H&M ($18), ASOS ($34), ASOS($23), La Moda ($47), SheInside ($5), Stila ($20), Forever 21 ($4)