Jenn’s Jams ♪: How To Save A Life (Acoustic Piano Cover)

Hello friends, I’m back!

Today’s jam will be a song I am sure everyone knows well. “How To Save A Life” is a pop-rock song released by The Fray in 2004; it was the title track from their debut album How To Save A Life.

The lead singer, pianist, and one of the songwriters, Isaac Slade, said that the song was composed and inspired by a weekend he spent mentoring at a camp for troubled teens. He connected with one of the teens there who had been going through depression after losing many friends and family members. Slade revealed that “How To Save A Life” is about all of the people who tried to reach out to that boy, but were unsuccessful.
This song has a lot of sentimental value to me and the lyrics really mean so much more than they appear. It can be interpreted a number of ways – all you have to do is stop and listen. With that said, I present to you a song I hold very close to my heart. It sounds a bit different from the original because piano is the only accompaniment my version of the song has, making it a piano acoustic version, but I really hope you like listening to it. Enjoy!

Saving lives
Saving lives