fluorescent adolescent: “Visions” – Edo Lee

The moment when you finally achieve relaxation is blissful. Listening to Edo Lee’s album Visions, does just this, creating a feeling of serenity with a mixture of satisfaction. Along the lines of my previous post, Edo Lee is a smooth trap artist hailing from the greatest metropolis in the world, New York City. The twenty-one year old producer is known for his song Black Coffee, off of his EP Sleepwalker. I was first introduced to Lee by a fellow SMW member, Riley Kubota, who writes The Sole Account column.

On August 11th, 2013 his full length album Visions dropped. The album consists of 17 tracks produced and collaborated with Lee and many other trap producers and singers. Visions has a much more laid back, sultry feel compared to his other work. Lee is also known for doing collaborations with fellow New York soul singers like Sara Robson in his song Frost on his EP Waking Nights where he collaborated with trap counterpart Matas. He features many similarly great up and coming musicians on this album. Edo Lee is also a part of a trap artist collective called Budo Kiba alongside with Matas, Iota, and Tru Type.

Lee vibe gives off a jazzy, hip hop feel all in one. It’s a perfect combination for a rainy day with a cup of tea. Lee’s trap is reminiscent of 50’s and 60’s soul and blues music mashed together with the beats he produces, featuring vocals from mid century artists. Lee’s music gives off a nostalgic vibe featuring the vocals of Sam Cooke in his song Astro Blues, in which he collaborates with fellow trap producer Iota in his digital album The Archive. As of late Edo Lee has been working on new relaxed tracks with his collective group and solo. To keep up with his music hit up the links below and follow him on his SoundCloud to listen to his other work and collaborations.

Edo Lee’s SoundCloud: http://bit.ly/1USCo9v

Edo Lee’s BandCamp: http://bit.ly/1ZPjKDQ

Words by Erica Love

Album Art by Nicolette Cannavale and edited by Cam Smoot.