Here’s the Dish: Intro

Here’s the Dish: Intro


Greeting internet dwellers! My name is Jennifer and I will be introducing my column, Here’s the Dish. Here at Sunset Media Wave, I will be sharing my joy of baking and exploring different restaurants that San Francisco has to offer.

Growing up, I never got the opportunity to venture past the traditional foods of my Chinese culture, other than the average American franchise restaurant. Once receiving the freedom to explore this city, I was overwhelmed to see the harmonic plethora of diversity that made San Francisco as vibrant as it is. Through reviewing and introducing restaurants, I aim to share what little I know about this city’s culture, so that you can see some of the other perspectives that aren’t typically represented.

Recently, I’ve acquired a newly requited love for baking because I like to channel my emotions –– whether it be happiness, anger or inspiration ––  into whatever I make, whenever I have extra time. I’d like to share my favorite recipes that I find from exclusive sources (mostly from Pinterest and Youtube) and encourage you to try out these too!                 

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