Reel Snacks: Take Five

Hey people of the internet. This is Nelson, the creator and writer for Reel Snacks here to inform everyone that this will be my LAST post at Sunset Media Wave. Well, no, actually this is just going to be my last post for the Spring Cycle. (I’m so funny)

I wanted to reflect on my time during this past spring. Being here at Sunset Media Wave has taught me a lot of skills ranging from time management to better articulating my ideas. (I’ll figure out Photoshop one day Michael, I promise.) I’ve met a ton of interesting and outgoing people at this program, and I am excited to meet even more during the Summer. Overall, this has been a very unique experience, and I am very glad that I decided to apply.

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be returning for the Summer Cycle, and I am planning to talk about five more films/TV shows/documentaries that relate to current social issues in the coming weeks. For a quick sneak peek, I will be analyzing a film made in the ’70s called The Candidate, which talks about government officials and their misleading promises that often go unfulfilled. *cough cough*

Until then, enjoy these last few weeks of school, say goodbye to your favorite seniors, and get ready to have an amazing Summer!