fluorescent adolescent: “In The Lonely Hour” – Sam Smith

From his soft spoken voice to his soulful harmonizing, no words can explain the way Sam Smith has truly entranced the world. He is his generation’s Adele, and is without a doubt the new voice of soul music. His debut album, In The Lonely Hour, was released on May 26th of 2014 in the UK, a month before it graced the US. The overall reception of the album was positive and debuted at #1 on The Official Chart Update in the UK.

I must admit the gentle giant from across the pond has truly taken a hold of me. His shy and bashful personality, and his hushed voice in interviews leaves me wanting more, particularly what is behind the mystery that is Sam Smith. In a recent interview, Smith explains to listeners that he has yet to feel true love. As a hopeless romantic, I find this to be the sweetest thing possible, to sing about about a feeling a person hasn’t truly felt. Love is an abstract thing. A person can feel it, but can’t be sure what it really is. No one person shares the same feeling they get when they love someone. It is spontaneous and frightening all at the same time. I feel that Sam Smith embodies the feeling of a hopeless romantic.

Many of the tracks on his album, I believe are relative to many peoples lives and can truly connect with a person. A song that truly hits me hard is, Make It To Me. The first time I listened it brought me to tears. The emotions coursing through his voice as he sang out loud feelings so strong in the idea of finding the one person that will truly bring him happiness in life was just beautiful. It is just one of those songs that a person can relate. Any person.

There are so many more reasons to fall in love with Sam Smith, I hope whoever is reading this, will listen to his melodious voice and fall for him as hard as I have. If you’re interested in listening to him hit up the links below or just listen to his SoundCloud profile, which I provided at the top. Also checkout fellow Waver, Elizabeth’s (The Neverending Playlist That Is My Life) cover of Sam Smith’s song Leave Your Lover on our SoundCloud.


Words by Erica V.Love