The Wave: Creatures of Comfort

For another fun-filled bonding experience, Campbell led the Wavers in a group activity that challenged them to both get to known their fellow bloggers and do some reflecting on their personal aesthetics. To start, the gang was sectioned off into pairs to individually answer the following questions regarding themselves and their partner:

1. In five words or less, how would you describe your personal style?

2. Are you currently happy with your fashion sense?

3. Also in five words, how would you describe your partner’s style?

4. What specifically do you appreciate about their overall look? 

After the quick first portion of the activity, the Wavers bravely shared their answers to questions three and four with their teammate. After chatting with SMW friends new and old, each person participated in a final ‘lil free-write consisting of the question:

Did any of your partner’s comments regarding your style surprise you? If so, briefly explain why. Does their opinion differ positively in any way from how you normally perceive yourself?

Overall, the Wavers were challenged to see if their visions of themselves matched how they were seen by their peers. In a generation where teens face a constant stream of judgement and pressure in school, it was hopefully comforting to realize that many of us tend to be much more critical of and unsatisfied with our appearances than others are! While some participants were pleasantly enlightened by the uplifting observations, some proudly stated that how their partners viewed them mirrored how they already felt. And whether described as comfort connoisseurs or bonafide fashionistas, stay tuned to hear what each group said about one another!

Tom & Kareena
Tom & Kareena

Tom Bunting (Rare Exports):

1. Look like I don’t try?

2. Sure! I dunno. I’ve been branching out a little clothing wise. Always room for improvement.

3. Laid back and casual.

4. I like the plaid. Plaid’s cool.

She kinda said what I was going for –– simple and laid back –– which is pretty nice. My style is pretty uncomplicated, mostly because I don’t know a whole lot about fashion. I kinda just wing it which I’m okay with. I think it works.

Kareena Chan (The Road Best Taken)

1. Comfortable, Southern Californian, laid back, simple.

2. Yes!

3. Laid back, similar to mine?

4. It’s not too complicated, but still looks good!

This exercise made me feel more confident in myself, as well as my self perception. The words my partner used to describe my style was very close in proximity to the words I used. I learned that the way you resent yourself and the clothes you wear can affect the way people perceive you. Especially since I had never met my partner before, I feel a deeper confidence in my own intuition.

Jennifer & Ella
Jennifer & Ella

Jennifer Zhang (Jenn’s Jams):

1. Cute, Asian, casual, comfortable.

2. It’s alright.

3. Hipster, tumblr, unique, cool, VERY-cool.

4. It’s eyecatching, unique and really pretty.

Not really. I’m super comfortable and teenager-y. That’s me, nothing surprising.

Ella Luna (The Significance of Unimportance):

1. Cheap, comfortable, cute.

2. Yes, but there are too many days when I don’t dress cute and it’s annoying.

3. Sweater-y and teenager-y.

4. It looks ridiculously comfy.

Well yeah, because she flattered me so much, which was probably surprising to me because I’m my biggest critic.

Erica & Tyler
Erica & Tyler

Erica V. Love (Fluorescent Adolescent):

1. Comfortable (but) I Stay on (the) hype.

2. Si, I am very happy.

3. Relaxed, very much his own.

4. Eyebrows on fleek.

I usually tend to wear what everyone else wears, because I’m not sure what looks fitting for my body type.I was surprised to hear that my jean jacket is memorable and that Im an enthusiastic person! At times I feel like a slight bit of a downer for some reason, so it was nice to hear tyler say that.

Tyler Ducheneaux (Winners, Losers, and Survivors: A Crime Blog):

1. Straightforward, a hint of intimidation.

2. Yes.

3. Enthusiastic.

4. Jean jackets are always memorable.

No. I usually hear about how tall I am so it was nice to hear something different. I like wearing big coats and jeans (and a suit on occasion). Overall, I’m fine with that and haven’t thought too much about it or my own personal style in general.

Darren & Maya
Darren & Maya

Darren Huang (Imagine Cloud/Sunset Tutorials): 

1. Warm, comfortable, lazy.

2. No.

3. Comfortable, loose, free, happy.

4. I like how her style feels really comfortable.

I was surprised since often people see me as someone who dresses really lazily or as some people call it –– trashy when I don’t put in any effort. It is really comforting to know that I do not dress as bad as I appear. I feel like the way I imagine myself is a lot worse than it actually is. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised.

Maya Hirota (A Celluloid Being):

1. I wear what others wear.

2. I like my style. I don’t really wear anything different from my peers. If I see someone wearing something, I try to wear something similar except with less effort. Yes, I’m happy with my style.

3. Comfortable/put together.

4. I love your his hair kind of matched his coat today. Class right there.

Nothing really surprised me about his comment. I do dress comfortably and loosely and I don’t mind that is how people perceive me. Of course, I want to fit in with my peers, so I stick with what everyone around me is wearing, but I don’t have a problem with my body which makes me feel comfortable wearing whatever. I’ve never really cared very much about being a trend-setter, but it’s still nice to look nice. I put in effort, but not much. I guess I’m not that special or unique in my style, but I really don’t give a crap. It’s nice to hear someone else’s opinion on style though.

JP & Madelynne
JP & Madelynne

John Paul Apolinar (HeartPlus+):

1. Flannels, stripes, wristbands, keychains, ties.

2. I mean sure, yeah.

3. Cute, trendy, hats.

I guess that I look like something. I mean, I’m no superman or sexy man model; I’m just someone with something to do today, something to say tomorrow, something to listen to now and someone who will share the same things with most everybody. I’m not that stylish and to be honest, I kind of do care. But at the same time, it’s the same situation as my hair in the morning. Unkept, hidden under a hat and begging for a shower.

Madelynne Hewett (The Film Side of the Force):

1. I wear trendy, comfortable clothing.

2. Yes, when I wear decent clothes I feel more happy and confident.

3. Comfortable and laid back.

4. The matching color scheme with his grey jacket and jeans, an the bracelets give him little neon pops of color.

JP’s comments were super down to earth and made me feel happy to know others like my style. WE BOTH LIKE STRIPES! I feel that many people judge themselves very harshly and by having other people say they appreciate their styles is ✔.

Jennifer & Natalie
Jennifer & Natalie

Jennifer Eng (Here’s the Dish):

1. Laid back, comfortable, lazy

2. Yes, because I dress comfortably most of the time.

3. Funny, quirky, friendly.

4. Natalie’s shirt is pretty rad (it has eyes all over it). I enjoy her sense of style because not everyone has that. I also appreciate how she does not gravitate towards big brands.

Not exactly, because I am aware that I dress mostly for comfort, but my partner did go further into explaining about how my sense of style is perceived that I did not initially notice.

Natalie Brunelle (Long Story Short What I Didn’t Say):

1. Comfortable, feminine, quirky.

2. Yeah fosho.

3. Comfortable, effortless, on-trend, (North) Cali-vibes.

4. I really appreciate the effortless look.

5. It did surprise me because I know that I myself like to put on little quirky things that make me feel like me, but my partner did tell me she noticed my little quirks that are not completely out there enough to be noticed, and I really appreciate that.