Hot Topics: Goodbye

Hello, readers! Well, hello and goodbye. That’s right, this column is (choking back tears as I write) coming to an end. Although our time has been brief, I can happily say that we’ve had some laughs, we’ve had some tears, and we’ve had some pop culture analysis (emphasis on the last one).

Before we all say our final goodbyes to Hot Topics, let’s take a look over all of the trends that this column has analyzed.


We talked about hipsters, their status in the public eye, their numbers among us, and their day-to-day activities. While many people hate hipsters, there is mostly a neutral opinion towards them in the public eye. Less than 1 in 10 people are hipsters. From what I had surveyed, the average hipster is an older guy sporting glasses and a beard, who smokes pot recreationally.


We also discussed the topic of emojis, which ones are the best (the 100% emoji and the laughing-crying face), and which ones need to be created. Since the article’s publishing, Apple released a new update that added emojis of people of color, as well as some other ones, so now I can boast that my column predicts the future!



Finally, we compared Snapchat and Instagram; which is better, and what their pros and cons are. The public ruled that Instagram is better than Snapchat, but both networks were proven to have equally dynamic pros and cons, such as keeping up with events (a pro) and stranger danger (a con… obviously).


Farewell, all, and thank you for reading! My name is TJ Kanaley, and this has been Hot Topics! See ya later!

Written by TJ Kanaley