The Coolyst Duelyst: Trials of Mythron

Joshua Yee

This post will be different from the past post, because we will be going over the Trials of Mythron and how we can utilize the available cards for Lyonar Kingdoms. Trials of Mythron bring new possibilities which allow you to beat down your opponent. Trials of Mythron works by having a set Trial for the Mythron you choose. The trial will be basically like a goal that you have to complete before you get your reward. After you finish the Trial, then will you be able to activate your destiny and empower your army of minions! The Trials of Mythron will definitely be something your opponent will have to watch out for! But be careful! They could also have a destiny of their own! For Lyonar Kingdoms, there are only two available Mythron cards for you to play. The first is the Mythron Wanderer, which is also available for all factions. Grand Strategos is the other available Mythron, but it’s only allowed in the Lyonar Kingdoms faction.

Mythron Wanderer.png

Duelyst Mythron Wanderer Lyonar Kingdoms Deck List:

Minions: Bloodtear Alchemist x1  Sunrise Cleric x1 Azure Herald x1 Azure Horn Shaman  x1 Azurite Lion x1 Celebrant x1 Cryptographer x1 Maw  x1 Shiro Puppydragon x1 Sinister Silhouette x1 Aer Pridebeak  x1 Arclyte Sentinel x1 Gryphon Fledgling x1 Repulsor Beast x1 Scintilla  x1 Silverguard Knight x1 Wild Tahr x1 Blistering Skorn x1 Dioltas x1 Primus Shieldmaster  x1 Purgatos, The Realmkeeper x1 Sunbreaker x1 Ironcliffe Guardian x1 Sunset Paragon x1 Bonereaper  x1 Mythron Wanderer x1 Prominence x1 EMP x1

Spells: Draining Wave  x1 Sun Bloom x1 Tempest  x1 Afterblaze x1 Divine Bond  x1 Empyreal Congregation x1 Martyrdom  x1 Holy Immolation x1 Sunstrike x1 Trinity Oath  x1 Aperion’s Claim x1

This deck is will be based on the Mythron Wanderer. Since the Destiny will give all of your minions a +1/+1, the main focus will be to have as many minions as you can on the board. The way you will win with this deck is to basically beat down the opponent’s life with all of your beefy minions. The reason we are combining the Mythron Wanderer with the Brome Warchest is because the Destiny ability also applies to the summoned Crestfallens. Being able to summon a 2 , 3 with Provoke will help you pressure down your opponent and help you keep control of the board.

Grand Strategos.png

Duelyst Grand Strategos Lyonar Kingdoms Deck List:

Minions: Sunrise Cleric x3 Zyx x3 Araras Prophet x2 Azure Herald x3 Celebrant x3 Cryptographer x3 Jaxi x3 Shiro Puppydragon x3 Legion x3 Ash Mephyt x2 Grand Strategos x1 Jax Truesight x2

Spells: Holy Immolation x3 Trinity Oath x3 Aperion’s Claim x2

This deck will be based on Grand Strategos. Since you’ll need to summon 10 minions with an attack of 1 before summoning Grand Strategos, more than half the deck will consist of low mana, low attack minions. Although this is underwhelmingly powerful, that’s alright because the low mana cost minions will allow you to tempo faster into summoning Grand Strategos. Once the Grand Strategos is out on the board, that will transform all of your minions to a random Lyonar Kingdoms minion, which is one mana higher. With this destiny activated, it will help you deal constant damage to the enemy without taking any consequences. Jax Truesight will help you finish your Trial early if you’re not finished already, because it summons 5, 1 attack minions, including itself. If you finished the Trial already, Jax Truesight will still be a strong card to summon because it will transform into a 7 mana minion from the Lyonar Kingdoms, which will be a hard minion for your opponent to overcome.



This will be the last post from The Coolyst Duelyst! If you guys learned anything from the five series of post I have, I am so proud! Thank for reading my post and I hope you have a good time on the board!