Beauty or Nah: Holy Grail of Mascara

Hello beauty lovers! In case you may not know me, I am a huge mascara junkie. I’m always wearing a lot of mascara and trying out new products, in search of my holy, go-to mascara. Recently, I tested the L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara. Many YouTube gurus have been raving over this product, and I have heard nothing but good reviews about this mascara –– which is apparently incredible at lengthening –– so I had to give it a try.


The packaging is all back, with gold letters that say “L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Mascara.” The tube of this mascara is cute and looks identical to an actual telescope. The brush is very small and the bristles on the brush are exceptionally pointy. The opening of the mascara is conveniently tiny, which helps remove excess air from the tube –– ensuring that the mascara doesn’t dry out. But this also means since the top of the is so little, it’s annoying trying to get the brush back into the tube, thus meaning this mascara wasn’t made for those rushed mornings when you want to just slap on mascara and leave.


What I like:

  • The blackness of this mascara
  • How it lengthens my lashes really well
  • It makes them slightly voluminous
  • How buildable this product is on your lashes
  • The natural effect it leaves on my eyes

What I dislike:

  • How hard it is to get the brush back into the tube without jamming it in
  • How long is takes to apply this mascara since you have to comb out your lashes with a lash comb
  • The mascara comes out very clumpy and messy on the top and bottom lashes

Grade: B

Words and images by Yasmine Missaoui