Cover Story: Color October: Pink Through Multicolored

This post is my final chapter in the Color October trilogy. Only the first album reflects the descending order in the rainbow, while the other two reflect color schemes that are also very important to note (but mostly, I just wanted all of the posts to have the same amount of reviews). It’s been fun to review music from my iTunes library, but it’ll be good to be back to the normal content of Cover Story after this. The next cover is already locked and loaded for your ears, so all you have to do is enjoy these last reviews and relax.

Alessia Cara: Four Pink Walls“Here” by Alessia Cara
Currently, this is my number one favorite song. As someone who an introverted-extrovert, I connect very strongly to everything this song embodies. It falls very easily into the genre of pop with its soprano tones and dancey beat, as all extrovert songs do, but the lyrics are more introverted than introversion itself:

I’m sorry if I seem uninterested
Oh I’m not listenin’
Oh I’m indifferent
Truly I ain’t got no business here
But since my friends are here,
I just came to kick it
But really I would rather be at home all by myself.

Unfortunately, when I found this artist and this EP, my unintentional hipster instincts fluttered when I thought she was a hidden gem. However, I have seen this song scattered across YouTube background music, Vines, and the like. Just as well, anyway, this way the world can experience “Here.”


Bat For Lashes: Laura“Laura” by Bat For Lashes

For the black-and-white track of “Color October”, I’ve selected an alternative song I discovered in Freshman year through a friend. “Laura” is definitely a slow, sad song. This is the kind of song that I imagine goes along with that feeling you get after leaving a party, deflating as you adjust to your formerly-social setting. The dragging, low strings behind the vocals and the piano instrumental really do it for me: They give it a kind of deeper substance, and make it seem more echoing. However, though the vocals are very beautiful, the lyrics are kind of unbearable: they’re not very interesting or creative, and the way she (Natasha Khan – a one-person band) sings it is too repetitive. Though it’s a good song, when it comes up, I usually skip it.


Hayley Kiyoko: This Side of Paradise“Girls Like Girls” by Hayley Kiyoko

This is the first lesbian-based song that I’ve ever heard, and for such an important first song, it’s pretty fitting. Though I like its appreciation and acknowledgement of two girls loving each other, much of the song is centered only around screwing over the boys who were dating the girls, instead of focusing on the girls loving each other:

Stealing kisses from your misses, doesn’t make you freak out
Got you fussing, got you worried, scared to let your guard down
I’ve been crossing all the lines, all the lines
Kissed your girls and made you cry, boys

Additionally, the lyrics that do focus on the love between two women depict one woman objectifying or wanting physical things from the other woman, which is something that is already too prevalent in today’s music.

Saw your face, heard your name, gotta get with you
On the move collecting numbers, Imma take your girl out

But I can’t deny how catchy and easy to listen to this song is. The backing instrumental is great, and Hayley Kiyoko’s voice is smooth and soft. B+!