Fast Past: Improvement in Isolation

Quarantine. It’s been a weird time for all of us, but life goes on, even when we’re hunkered down. For me, that means continuing to ignore my homework and working on my map slowly adding bits and pieces as I build toward my inevitable end date, My most recent progress includes learning how to use a few new Photoshop tools like adding a key for the MUNI lines that I reference and, also adding a few more icons, for different places around the city.

I made the cover image for this post, which I was hoping to add as a signature/stamp. However, I haven’t been able to find a good spot for it on the map just yet, so it might not make its way on the map. This is a pretty unfortunate realization because it was really fun to make and required a lot of experimenting with new techniques. 

The holographic stripe down the middle of the Fast Pass was hard to replicate, but I learned how to use the pen tool in Photoshop to replicate the continuous MUNI font that is so iconic. The holographic aspect was difficult, and it took a couple of tries to find something that matched, but it was still unique in its own way and led me down the rabbit hole of Photoshop preset gradients and pattern fills. I eventually settled on a clear water pattern, and I think it turned out really well, with a neat effect. Hopefully, I’ll be able to incorporate it into my final product but if not, at least it can live on this post for posterity and hopefully even, eternity!