Sidestreet Runway: Pretty in Pastels

Welcome to my third and final post of the Summer! For this post I’m going to pull from my closet pastel-colored clothing. A pastel color is “a soft and delicate shade of a color,” according to one online dictionary. Think pale, muted, soft-hued versions of a color. What is nice about pastels is that they can help add some color to your outfit without looking too bright and can be a change from the usual blacks and greys that most of us wear. I hope you enjoy these looks and I’ll see you in the Fall!

This first look is one of my favorites. I paired a pastel-blue tank top with a black corduroy skirt and my Superstars. I even wore socks the same color as my top… but you can’t really see them. I really like this outfit because it is perfect for the hotter days and is really comfortable for walking because of the sneakers. If you wanted this outfit to be less casual, you could replace the sneakers for some open toed heels.

This outfit features a pastel yellow sweatshirt with white blocky letters across the front that say “Lanikai,” which is a community in the town of Kailua on Oahu, Hawaii. I wore a pair of white jean shorts with again, my Superstars. I decided to add a pop of color and add a red dad hat that says “Lifeguard” on the front. I also wore some crew socks with a rose design on the ankles. I feel that this outfit would be great for a picnic in Golden Gate Park.

Keeping with the dad hat trend, I put together a basic outfit and added a pastel purple Stussy hat. The outfit is just a grey tank top with jeans and a bomber jacket, (for more outfits with a classic bomber jacket check out my recent post, Sidestreet Runway: A Classic) and, of course, the same shoes.

For this next look, I put together a pastel pink bomber jacket, with the same grey tank top from the last look and some black colored Pink brand logo leggings. For the shoes, I have pink suede Superstars to match the jacket. I wanted this look to be a bit more laid back so I put my hair up in a messy bun.

This is the final outfit of this post, and it is by far my favorite. It has a two-toned pastel pink Nike windbreaker and the same pink Superstars from the last outfit. I also wore Adidas crop athletic leggings and an Adidas drawstring backpack. This outfit is perfect for the person that is always moving or for going on a run. I love it because it is very practical and comfortable.

Well this is the last post of the summer. *Tear* I had so much fun creating these outfits and doing these little mini photoshoots. I hope you enjoyed reading my posts and maybe grabbed some ideas or inspiration from them. See you in the Fall!