Sidestreet Runway: A Classic

Welcome to my first official post! If you didn’t read my introduction, my name is Kylie and my column, Sidestreet Runway, is about fashion. For this post, I’m going to pull from my closet a classic Black Bomber Jacket and show you a few different outfits I put together using it. I love bomber jackets because they can be dressed up or down and they are really a closet staple. I hope you enjoy these looks and find some inspiration!

For this first look, I decided to put together something casual and practical. This outfit is for the person that is always moving or on the go. It includes a plain red t-shirt, grey active leggings, and a pair of red running sneakers.

This second outfit is a bit more for just hanging out or going out to eat. I paired neutral colored, high waisted skinny jeans with a dark grey, buttoned t-shirt. I tucked in the shirt to give off the look of a bodysuit. Since this is just another casual outfit, I wore it with a pair of black striped Adidas Superstars and a small tan colored backpack.

This outfit is another jean/t-shirt combo. I put on some denim Levi’s with a grey and black stripped t-shirt. I tried to make this outfit a bit more less casual by adding a pair of black heeled combat boots.

This last outfit is an example of how to dress up the bomber jacket for going out to dinner, or for an occasion that requires a less casual outfit. I wore a pink, crushed velvet off the shoulder body-con dress with a pair of pink and white suede Adidas Superstars. I added some clear, gold framed aviator glasses to this outfit to match the gold zipper on the jacket.

If you are reading this, thank you for viewing my first post. I hope you enjoyed it and got some ideas on new outfits to try out with a classic piece of clothing. Can’t wait for my next post to go up!