Preschool Philosophy: Introduction

Hi, I’m Hiroya Gojo from Lincoln High School and this column is going to be about ancient philosophers and some of the interesting ideas they had. Some of these ideas are mind blowing, some are enlightening, some are ridiculous, and some are funny. If you don’t know any philosophy, don’t worry! This column will have videos and animations so anyone can understand what some of the earliest thinkers thought of the world. Philosophy isn’t only for scholars; you can learn to think outside the box and be a philosopher yourself.

Over the next few months, Preschool Philosophy will mostly focus on ancient philosophers from Greece. They are commonly considered to be the founders of Western Philosophy, and even a few thousand years later, they still hold knowledge that we can learn from today.

I first became interested in philosophy in middle school when I started to wonder what to do with my life and what it meant to live a good life. Sometimes you may have thoughts about this too. “What is this world? What am I even supposed to do?” If you did, you’re already a philosopher. But we’re not the only ones who thought of these questions. Many other philosophers over the centuries thought about the same questions too!