Inside the Riptide: Sans Comic or Comic Sans?


Five weeks into the Wave, and I’ve already gathered fun moments and learned more about the Wavers’ own individual art styles. Hanging out at the Wave gives me the opportunity to see everyone’s personalities express through their columns. 

An example that happened recently was that Sammi and Jacob were arguing over whether the font Comic Sans MS was appropriate.


Jacob: It’s a good font!

Jacob: Okay, it gives you like the vibe– like I don’t care too much– like to a formal font, but it also gives out some fun energy– but it’s also extremely formal

Sammi: It’s the word– Comic Sans is a horrible font!

Jacob: Like if you listen to a business letter–

Sammi: Times New Roman!

Jacob: Get the joke.

Sammi: No, Times New Roman ONLY– or Courier New. No Ti– Comic Sans is so bad!

Jacob: Times New Roman, is ass. And that– that’s the fact ? That ? is ? the ? motherfucking ? tea.

Jon: Okayy, kids. Let’s do this folks! Hooolyy ri–

Sammi: You were filming this–!

I’m very excited to learn more about my process as I’m finding more efficient ways to edit in Adobe After Effects. There is never a dull moment here at the Wave, so look out for my future posts. I can’t wait to share the fun and crazy moments that happen here Inside the Riptide!