Sabrina Leung: Bits and Pieces

Sabrina Leung

This piece contains bits and pieces from things that I have loved about my childhood. Thinking of the theme Time Candy, I experimented with pink, yellow, orange, and purple in the sky. I added a clock to represent the setting sun and filled the sky with candy stars. The minions symbolize my friends who have helped me understand and accept myself for who I am. I wanted to capture being at the beach at the end of the day, hanging out with my friends. The creatures are an expression of beings who have the freedom do whatever they want while being surrounded by loved ones. The sunflower is my favorite flower and I have a weird obsession with Homer, so that had to make it into my collection. The odd emojis are a reference to messaging my friends and lastly, I had to get Jerry (fish) in there, who was my faithful companion for many years. For the physical zine, delivering art directly into your hands, I added a special butterfly to represent my transition from childhood to adulthood.