Come with Chloe…: on a Trip Down Memory Lane

Hello hello~

The summer cycle is sadly coming to an end which marks the beginning of my life as a college student. I wanted to gather all my thoughts from this summer and do a little recap on all the things I’ve realized on this year of realizing things because I’ve realized so much from this year of realizing realizations. So Come With Chloe one last time on a trip down memory lane of Summer of 2016.

The 24th of May, 2016: I graduated from Lowell High School with a sore back, a brain full of useless facts from the bathroom stall graffiti, and memories that bring smiles to my face daily.

The 27th of May, 2016: I visited the SFMOMA for the first time with Natthew and cried over the 3rd floor exhibit.

The 29th on May, 2016: I took “my” doggo Donut out to the backyard for the first time since he was only a little pupper and he was so happy.

The 30th of May, 2016: I met a little grumpy pupper named Kingston and I fell in love.

The 5th of June, 2016: Mimna, Angle, and I went to see a really bad movie but we also recorded our mashup of disney songs as a couple was breaking up a few benches down. (Sorry Julia, but you deserved better!)

The 10th of June, 2016: I visited the Wave Organ and almost fell into the ocean because of the wind.

The 13th of June, 2016: I watched my sister graduate from UC Irvine with a cheesy but proud grin.

The 19th of June, 2016: I bought my family matching t-shirts for Father’s day and spoiled my dad even though he deserves to be spoiled every day because of everything he’s done for me. I watched Finding Dory and cried for all 1 hour and 45 minutes. I also went to Sutro Bath for the first time in new white shoes and watched the sun (kinda) set. (Also the sad day when the Warriors lost terribly to tras-I mean the Cavs)

The 20th of June, 2016: I met Popcorn, the Sunset Neighborhood Beacon Center’s mascot, and I fell in love again.

The 25th of June, 2016: I went to CorgiCon and met my idol, Gatsby. (HE SHOOK MY HAND)

The 26th of June, 2016: I went to the Dogpatch for the first time and visited the Minnesota Street Project and Museum of Craft and Design.

The 29th of June, 2016: The SMW crew went to SFMOMA which created this amazing post (credits to yours truly)

The 2nd of July, 2016: I celebrated my friend, Sara’s, birthday with her for the first time in the four years that I’ve known her and it was amazing seeing her reaction to lunch squad’s cheesiness and gift.

The 8th of July, 2016: I had my freshman orientation at CSU Fullerton but more importantly I HAD THE BEST KOREAN BBQ IN MY LIFE.

The 9th of July, 2016: I visited the Museum of Neon Art and I just love old-fashioned signs.

The 22nd of July, 2016: I met Noodles and made security guards confused because I didn’t buy tickets for her show, just for her meet and greet.

The 27th of July, 2016: I visited the Cat Town Cafe in Oakland for the first time and !!!!!!!

The 30th of July, 2016: I had a going-away BBQ with my childhood friends in San Ramon.

Mapping out my summer according to pictures I’ve taken may not be the most accurate summary of these past few months, but looking back at it made me realize the pliability of time. I remember having summers where the 2 ½ months seemed to last forever and I couldn’t wait for it to end. I remember all the times where I’d go out with friends and we’d realize that we’ve been sitting at a table just talking for more than 2 hours. I remember all the times I sat at home or in class for what feels like an eternity doing nothing. What I’ve realized now is that time itself doesn’t change at all. It’s our perception of time that changes and the things that affect our perception is what makes moments so special. The company you keep, the activities you do, the emotions you feel, are all the ingredients in the recipe for the best kind of memories. I always thought during the school year that summer will be my break from learning. But learning isn’t tied to studying. One of my greatest accomplishments this summer is learning to see the good in everything, including myself. I’ve always been scared of change and still some things will remain up to chance and that can be scary but I’ve learned that being afraid won’t change the results. Change can be good. There’s that saying “new is always better”. Not that I agree with it always, but it’s there.

This summer was one of my most productive summers and I’m glad to have spent it here at Sunset Media Wave. I’m going to miss coming in to see the friendly faces here at Sunset Beacon who all appreciate terrible puns every so often. Glenn, Michael, and Jon, thanks for putting so much effort into us kiddos and hanging out with us losers. I’ll miss you so much :((((( but it’s okay cause you won’t get rid of me that easily I’m never going to leave.