Misdirection: Introduction

What is magic to you? Magic is the concept of deception and trickery. Two very common terms magicians use are “misdirection” and “slight of hand.” These acts of deception are practiced in order to trick, surprise and entertain people. The purpose of misdirection is to direct your spectators’ attention somewhere else so that you are able to set up for the next act or steal something needed for the next part of the trick. As your attention is directed somewhere else, slight of hand comes into play. This is when the magician steals or conceals an object so quick that you don’t notice something has changed, been moved or concealed. Mastering these two skills in a trick is how one creates an illusion that simultaneously fools and impresses the audience/spectator.

I started doing magic tricks when I was a freshmen in high school. I’m a junior now, so I have been practicing tricks for over two years. I have always loved magic, because it feels really good to fool someone. It makes me feel good when the audience or spectator is amazed, because it shows that I as a magician have done a good job. Make sure to watch my upcoming videos if you can pay close enough attention.